… idea

The main aim of AdMotional is to

  • improve existing targeting concepts and methods,
  • thereby focusing on location-based services,
  • merge and evaluate a variety of information sources, and to
  • use the information gained towards a dynamic and personalised advertising media layout.

We intend to add degrees of dynamics to advertisements by using information obtained regarding the users’ participation and membership in financial, emotional and demoscopic target groups.


  • style and approach
  • campaign text and content, as well as
  • various layout and design elements

are being customised towards the particular user.

With this integrating approach, we can provide a direct and emotional advertising communication with the user, and thus constitute a distinct and adequately innovative type of online advertising for the first time.

AdMotional is therefore of interest for the classical advertisers and provides crucial support for the establishment of new customer segments in the field of “Fast Moving Consumer Goods”.