Dynamic Media Layout and Design

As a result of the targeting process and the application of a targeting rule, one campaign should be selected for display, and parameters for the further customisation of the advertisement on the landing page be provided. It is therefore necessary to determine which design parameters have a relevant potential for the success of an advertisement. From an advertisement-psychological perspective, such relevant parameters – called “Code Carriers” – span colour and typography. These code carriers are being prioritised according to their contribution towards the success (in terms of clicks or actions). A number of stereotypic variants are then identified, and their effect on the advertising success tested empirically.

For the specific design of advertising material regarding text and speech a number of appropriate templates/sets are defined, which are equipped with parameter values from the targeting process. It will be necessary to determine if a simple template-based approach is sufficient, or if a higher degree of flexibility is required.

The methods of dynamic advertising design and layout are to be prototypically implemented as to ensure their effectiveness, and the overall concept of AdMotional can be validated in real-world tests.