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How exactly does AdMotional work? On this page, we are illustrating the basic principles of operation..


In order to present an advertisement in an emotional and personal way, we are first evaluating different sources of information:

Context Analysis

  • The user was on different dating web sites during the past 1,5 hours.
  • The user was searching for an album of a famous rock band and is currently browsing through its details.

User Analysis

From the information of the context, some conclusions about the user can be made:

  • The user is active and is interested in a partnership.
  • The user is generally interested in music, and particularly a fan of rock music.

Location Based Services

In addition to the above context and user information, additional sources are being queried in order to enrich the profile with localised information:

  • Geo Targeting: The user is currently located in Berlin, Germany, at the crossing of “Unter den Linden”/”Friedrichstrasse”.
  • Weather: Clear sky, 21 degree celsius.
  • Concerts: Rock bands in Berlin.

This information are being jointly evaluated within the AdMotional system.


The AdMotional system essentially consists of two components:

Logic Module

The logic module makes the decision about which campaign is to be shown in this situation.

  • Campaign: concerts in Berlin.
  • Search: Rock concert within a 100km radius, with tickets available.

Dynamic Layout and Design Generation

Within this component the dynamic aspects of the selected campaign are being deterimned, as to customise the advertisement towards the user’s emotional profile.

  • Approach: Personal.
  • Textual content: emotional.
  • Colour Scheme: Warm.
  • Design Template: Romantic.

Using the selected campaign and the customised parameters, the advertisement is now dynamically created. The user receives an advertisement, which is highly adequate towards his situation, taking a variety of aspects into account.